What is Alignment?

By Viktor Kunovski


Let me start this writing by quoting Wikipedia on what alignment is[1]:

Alignment is the adjustment of an object in relation with other objects, or a static orientation of some object or set of objects in relation to others.

To make things simple and light please see this 60 seconds clip on you tube to see an alignment in the nature:


Beautiful isn’t it.

Humans can also create a wonderful alignment.
Examples of people accomplishing alignment are many. Think of a symphonic orchestra, a 30 dancers ballet group, or bring your memory back a year ago to the opening ceremony of the last Olympic games in China


Well, imagine now how your organization, city, nation or the whole planet will function and look like if we create organizational and global alignment.

Why do we need alignment?

In the business world, companies that have aligned cultures are the best performers on the market, sometimes outperforming its competitors for several times[3]. At the same time they are the most desired places to work in.
Alignment saves time, energy, resources, money…lots of money. Companies and national budgets could save trillions of $. See the slide 89 of this presentation named Estimated cost of Entropy (the energy in the system that is unproductive and is result of limiting values within the culture as well as the lack of alignment) . It shows the trillions of $ lost from the national budgets.
In sport, the most aligned teams are the ones with a gold medals around their necks.

How to create alignment in your organization/nation?

Start by asking people what values and behaviors they want the most in their life and in the organizational culture.
Measure the culture of your company, community or nation.

After the measurement you’ll have much clear picture of where you are and what needs to change in your strategy to get where you want to be.

Constantly use the “7 Levels of INQUIRY” questions. They will help your organization to start openly talking about your values, culture, how they affect you and what needs to be done in order to improve.  Trust the systemic intelligence, the system is always smarter.

UNILEVER Brazil is a several billion dollar company. They and other 2000 companies around the world have started a process of culture transformation. This process leads to an alignment in the organization and brings the mentioned benefits. [4].

Following the experience of the corporate world some countries have taken the advice from the business leaders and have started the process on national transformations that will lead to alignment on the national level.  Nations like Australia, South Africa,  Macedonia[6], Latvia[7] and several others have started a process of national alignment and paving the way to others that will follow.

What is needed to create an alignment?

1) Full system participation – an attitude that everyone is important, responsible and included and is a leader within the system.[8] The events in Egypt are good example of how this looks like on big scale.

2) Commitment from the top Leadership of the system organization, region, nation etc.

3) Continuous Measurement of culture and values within the system.

Social media and Alignment

The wonderful tools of social media that we have at disposal are predominantly used to chit chat, market and sale. They are very rarely used by our political and business leaders to ask powerful, meaningful questions.

Imagine the effect and the power of a cohesive and synchronized group of people asking meaningful questions in large numbers?
Imagine president Obama, Medvedev, Lula (to name few) and the president of your country asking together questions that matter in one voice.

Questions like how do we want planet to look like in 2020?
What do we have to do now to accomplish that goal?
What action are needed today?
etc, etc…

This process of open inquiry will create a global inclusion, that will generate global responsibility and mobilize the global collective wisdom and energy which will eventually result with collective alignment on a global scale that will bring sustainability and cohesion HOME on Earth.


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